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The Institute of the Book and Promotion Foundation was registered at the register of non-profit organizations upon the decision No. 216 on 15th March 2006 of the Court of Judicial District Tirana, with premises in Tirana (Albania).

Purpose and scope of activity:

The overall objective of the Foundation Instituti i Librit dhe Promocionit “ILP” (Institute of Book and Promotion) is:

  • To encourage the development and enrichment of national literature and to bring the most prominent values ​​of world literature;
  • To contribute to the development and creation of an open society and to serve as a bridge between Albania and the rest of the world;
  • To urge criticism and promote and spread values ​​in the field of Albanian and foreign publications for Albania, organizing for these purpose promotions, debates, discussions, conferences, research, studies and consultations, fairs and exhibitions.
  • To contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and theoretical and practical information accordingly to the transitional society’s needs.

Main activities of ILP:

  • Urging public debate, meetings and talks, inaugurations, work-shops, conferences, symposiums and other forms of discussion organized in the above areas;
  • Organizing training courses in the fields of social, economic and political sciences etc.;
  • Publishing various periodicals, newspapers, books or studies related to these fields;
  • Creating an informative infrastructure as well as its collection, classification, processing, and analysis for all fields that are the subject of the Foundation’s activity;
  • Creating bridges of communication between Albania and other countries in the region in the field of ideas and information;
  • Organizing exhibitions and fairs, cultural programs, etc., with the aim of promoting national culture and writing in particular.

International and national projects that ILP has been part of, both as partner and co-partner:  

 “Kolonitë e artistëve figurativë – Plein Air Art Colonies”:

– More than 50 plain Air Art colonies from 2014 in Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy and Greece;

– Participation of approximately 200 landscape artists from Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece. Each art colony has been finalized with a final exhibition of the works realized during the 5 days stay. Among the singular exhibitions and the ones with different works from different art colonies performed, 60 exhibitions have been organized.

Specific objectives:

  • To create a big catalogue with the main art works of each artist involved in the art colonies, in order to promote them and the places where they have worked through this project;
  • Promotion of natural heritage as natural and regional borders that encloses the Mediterranean area with each other, through canvas, as a source of inspiration for plein air artists;
  • Promotion of cultural heritage as traditional costumes, architecture, archaeological- historical sites. As part of the Balkans we do not share only natural landscapes but even similarities in cultural heritage, as costumes, traditions, architecture, food, attractions. Cultural and natural heritage by the other hand are promoters of important relations between our countries, related with tourism, trade, cooperation;
  • Instauration of a contact point through artists from WB and beyond with the porpoise to exchange experiences, values and traditions both different and alike. We have similarities in tradition, in values, in costumes and we share some difficult story moments and a big will to become citizens of a big Europe without borders.

Festivali Letrar për të Rinj “Tirana: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021” (Youth literary Festival “2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021”)

The Literary Festival is addressed to young talents is divided in 2 sections: the younger generation (14 to 18 years old) and the youth generation (19-35 years old). Aspirant writers in prose, poetry and essay from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia send their literary pieces and participate in the festival. The festival main objectives are:

  • To create a common space for aspirant writers in Albanian language, in order to give young writers an environment to grow among themselves with the help of professional writers;
  • To create an interdisciplinary space where young writers and art students explore the possibilities to express themselves, not only in writing, but also through painting, picture audio-visual contents etc.
  • To publish an anthology of young writers and to promote them through the media and literary events.

Misteret e Jugut (South Mysteries)            

The purpose of this project is to promote a specific territory such as Himara municipality by offering 15 brochures, 2 itinerary guides and brochures describing in detail the geographical territorial extension, cultural, ethnographic, gastronomic, artistic offerings, the monumental offerings of these mountain and coastal villages for a tourist who can visit these territories 365 days a year. This project contained a series of activities and sub-activities that met its objectives to achieve the expected results:

  • Meetings and roundtables in the Kukës District of a selected group from Himara municipality with local authorities, private guesthouse holders, touristic agencies.
  • Organisation of a Fair at Himara city, with the presentation of local gastronomy, handcrafts and wine.
  • Organization of a round table with Kukës and Himara Districts authorities and touristic agencies, with the aim to organise a full 365 days of touristic offers for Albanian tourists.

The whole project was implemented in close cooperation with the Municipality of Himara and the Kukës District and key elements of tourism in Albania both in the north of the country and in the capital. It produced some publicity material such as newspaper articles (thanks to the journalists who took part in all activities), it was built an online study that was published on some social networks and distributed to travel agents, a documentary was filmed and showed in the You tube page of ILP. Also more than 500 copies of the 15 brochures and 2 itineraries published by the project were distributed gratis at the touristic agencies in South of Albania.

Java Arbëreshe  2017, 2018, 2019  (Arbëresh week 2017, 2018, 2019 )

The project helps to contribute in a bigger context which is the Arbëresh-italian communities in Italy, living there from 1400.  The municipality of San Giorgio Albanese, hosted 20 young students of the Art University of Tirana, to paint two murals, in the city of San Giorgio and 2 groups of dancers who performed folk music for the local people in two organized events. The connection of Albanians and Arbëresh (a group of Albanians who went away from Albania, before and after the death of our national Hero Scanderbeg) creates a possibility to enter in collocation with a language we have changed over the years but they have protected through different ages and a culture that is so similar and so different from ours now days we want to know and celebrate.

Art against Plastic Pollution

In the framework of the International Drin Day, on the dates 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May, the “Art against Plastic Pollution” project was developed in the City of Kukës by the Institute of Book and Promotion and Culture Zone. An awareness-raising project addressed to young people in the city of Kukës:

  • with the main purpose of preventing plastic pollution in the Drin River;
  • To attract the attention of the relevant authorities to undertake other initiatives for cleaning the Drin, which directly affects the quality of health of residents near its basin.

This three-day project had some major activities:

First, more than 1000 high school and mid school pupils were organized in a well-coordinated action from the Kukës Education Directorate, for the purpose of gathering sacks of waste that were found to the edges of Drin.

Afterwards, Art Students and pupils in a series of workshops and with the help of their teachers implemented plastic waste installations to show how recycling plastic products remains an effective way to minimize plastic pollution.

The works were transformed into the decors of the improvised scene in front of the Kosovo Memorial Tower, where interfered with their sensitizing messages, Mr. Blendi Klosi, Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mrs. Irena Toçi, Project Coordinator, Mr. Albert Lenja, Director of the Water Resources Management Agency, Mr. Zenel Kuçana, Prefect of Kukës District, Mrs. Melita Omuri, Representative of the Kukës Regional Education Directorate and Mrs. Erjola Keçi Coordinator of the action Drin Corda.

Panairi i Librit “Ulqini”, (Ulcinj Book Fair – from 2003 still now)

The Ulcinj Book fair 2019 was the 19 edition of this Book fair, taking place in Ulcinj, every year on summer with the main porpoise to attract tourists and locals to the newest editor’s proposals for summer time.

Publishers from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia were present from 26th of July till 31st of July at the Small beach bay to present books, literary events, meetings with authors and to award the following first literary prizes:

  • The literary prize “Liburnia” for the best children author of the year.
  • The literary prize “Dega e ullirit” for the best fiction of the year.

This book fair creates a space between publishers from neighborhood countries to meet and share professional experience and to grow up in a wealthy competition in the field.

“Në udhëtim me Edward Lear” (In journey with Edward Lear)

Objective: To realize a cultural-touristic itinerary in the places where Edward Lear travelled in Albania in the fall of 1848 according to his book “Journals of a landscape painter in Albania” 1851. Publication of the itinerary in book format and online.

Activity 1. Research, which consisted of reading E. Lear’s book, Expert Routing Defined. The itinerary will contain several displacement sections based on the itinerary made in 1848. It will contain instructions on how these itineraries can be realized on foot, by bicycle or by other means of transport, taking into account targeted groups.

Activity 2. Implementation of the itinerary, which consisted of placing touristic signboards in places where E. Lear’s paintings were made. The touristic signboards will contain the original outline and map showing the point where the table and other itinerary points are located, together with historical data on its passage to that location. Next to these tables will be placed author’s poems in English and Albanian that will point the way to the main table, to some other tables or surfaces that will be designated by the project in agreement with the respective municipalities. (The poems will have a distance of 10 kilometers from each other).

Activity 3. Publish the itinerary in two languages, English and Albanian.

Activity 4. Set up an online itinerary with all the details.

Activity 5. Realization of the closing ceremony, through which Art students re-interpreted E. Lear’s sketches in an exhibition at the National Museum, through painting, installation, photography and video art. Introducing the itinerary through a presentation video.

“1001 Windows of Berat”- Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture

The city of Berat, being one of the 600 cities protected by UNESCO, was the focus of 60 painters from the Balkan region, whose paintings and final works represented the uniqueness and beauty of the city in subject. The paintings, final outputs of the Project, were displayed in an art exhibition that took place in the Art Gallery of Berat.

“Tirana 100”- Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Tirana and the Italian Institute of Culture

The Project’s main goal was the creation of an application for Italian tourists travelling in Albania, as well as the publishing of a tourist guide in the Italian language. The final event of the project included a photography exhibition held in the National Museum of Albania, having in focus the city of Tirana, on its 100th anniversary.

“Biodiversity through photography” (2020) – Project in collaboration and financed by the organization “Drin Corda” for the protection of Drin River

  • Raising environmental awareness through Photography Art;
  • Interregional cooperation with the participation of prestigious organizations from Montenegro and Kosovo;
  • Project implementation included the professional photography of biodiversity of the lake of Shkodra, which were displayed in a photography exhibition in the city of Shkodra.

 “READ Regional Network”- funded by the European Commission

Top of Form

READ Project (Regional Network for Cultural Diversity), funded by the European Commission, aims to promote intercultural reading skills and democratic values through promoting reading culture and opening new channels of communication for regional, cultural societies, thus offering them networking opportunities. The project is implemented by 6 CSO-s from North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey, including the Institute of Book and Promotion in the role of co-partner from Albania.


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